Bixosverse Game Introduction

The Bixosverse game will be played from both mobile devices and computers by entering the room at the same time; room owners will set a certain entrance fee and entry time. When enough people are reached, the game will start, if not, the number of people will be expected to be completed.

The game takes place on our Palm Island map. There will be 200 chests in various parts of the map. 199 of these chests contain potatoes and one of them has a house key. The wallet of the lucky person who finds the key will receive 80% of the UBXS collected in the game. 10% of the remaining 20% will be locked, while 10% will remain with the room owner.

To be owner of a room, ownership will be sold in NFT format at certain times. Room owners will determine the entrance fee and time of entry to the room and make their own advertisements.

There will also be a free version of the game, so this adventure can be experienced without any cost. The first rooms of our game and room NFT prices will be announced in the coming days.

A detailed presentation and our website about the game will also be published in the coming days. Before the game launches, our community will be invited to beta tests and we will experience it together for the first time.

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