7. Details of the Project

The UBXS Token (Utility Bixos Token) was created with the purpose of uniting the physical world and the virtual world, such as metaverse, by melting in the same pot of the real estate market which has a market volume of 10.5 trillion dollars and Blockchain, Web 3.0. Bixos sees that the projects on this subject in the world are still very new. The company is willing to be pioneer in these projects and offers the opportunity to become an early investor with the UBXS Token (Utility Bixos Token) to the investors in the world.

Traditionally, ownership of tangible assets like real estate has relied on physical documents and centralized record-keeping systems, often prone to inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. However, Bixos introduces Real Estate Tokenization, a transformative approach that leverages blockchain technology to redefine ownership and unlock new possibilities.

Real Estate Tokenization involves fragmenting real estate assets into digital tokens, each representing a fractional ownership stake. These tokens, stored securely on the blockchain, offer several advantages:

  • Enhanced Security: Blockchain's inherent immutability provides unparalleled security and transparency, reducing the risk of fraud or errors associated with traditional paper-based systems.

  • Fractional Ownership: Tokenization allows for the division of real estate into smaller units, democratizing access to this lucrative asset class for a wider range of investors with varying capital constraints.

  • Increased Liquidity: Tokenized real estate assets can be easily traded on secondary markets, enhancing liquidity and facilitating quicker transactions compared to traditional real estate sales.

  • Streamlined Transactions: Smart contracts automate transaction processes, eliminating paperwork and reducing administrative costs associated with conventional real estate dealings.

By embracing Real Estate Tokenization, Bixos aims to create a more efficient, inclusive, and secure real estate market, empowering investors and unlocking the full potential of this valuable asset class.

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