What is UBXS Token?

UBXS Token is a Utility Token, released to the market by Bixos Inc., a company creating advanced blockchain technologies. The aim of this token is to bring the physical and virtual worlds together by blending the real estate industry with NFT, web 3.0, blockchain, and metaverse technologies. As a small part of a bigger project, UBXS will enable you to NFTize the title deeds in the future, and to buy and sell real estate in any city, even to take a walk in these properties on the metaverse, without the need to go to the other end of the world. You can visit bixos.io for detailed information about this exciting project, and buy UBXS Tokens on Gate.io.

What is an UBXS Stake?

UBXS Staking is a web app that allows UBXS owners to make a risk-free profit while they sleep. These profits can be withdrawn daily. The deposited UBXS amount becomes withdrawable when the time expires. Stakers who want to earn more can invite other stakers to the system by using the referral system. The invitation link can be viewed and changed on the profile page. Those who invest using the invite link provide an extra one-time profit to the link owner.

What is the contract address?


How Can I Import My UBXS Tokens To Metamask?

Lets check Metamask

How Does It Works


UBXS owners can put their money in a Smart Contract and get back 0.5% of their investment every day for 180 days. After the end of the period, people can withdraw their stake.When the user reinvests, their referrals will not be given a bonus.

Referral System

When someone starts the staking he will get a referral link that allows him to invite other people to start staking when someone uses his link to start staking he will get 10% of his investment directly, and if his referral gets a referral he will get 7.5%. It goes down to 10 levels and every downgraded it's reduced by 2.5% until it reaches 0.5% ➝ 10 levels : [10%, 7.5%, 5%, 2.5%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 0.5, 0.5%].

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