Bixos Projects
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The UBXS Token (Utility Bixos Token) is aiming to create awareness for future Bixos projects, introducing Bixos, compositioning audience, raising funds, and determining the starting price of the BXS Token. UBXS Token will help the investors get BXS Token faster and easier: On March 15, 2022, the BXS Token exclusive private sale will start and investors having 1 UBXS token will be able to buy 4 BXS Tokens. BXS Token is directly connected to the DAO LLC company that will be established, and investors owning BXS Tokens will be shareholders and owners of the company. This will be a company where investors can manage their properties, properties can be NFTized, and can be traded on its marketplace and metaverse environment.
Bixos Incorporation continues its activities by shaping the future with blockchain technologies.
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