What is UBXS Token?

UBXS Token is a Utility Token, released to the market by Bixos Inc., a company creating advanced blockchain technologies. The aim of this token is to bring the physical and virtual worlds together by blending the real estate industry with NFT, web 3.0, blockchain, and metaverse technologies. As a small part of a bigger project, UBXS will enable you to NFTize the title deeds in the future, and to buy and sell real estate in any city, even to take a walk in these properties on the metaverse, without the need to go to the other end of the world. You can visit bixos.io for detailed information about this exciting project, and buy UBXS Tokens on Gate.io.

What is an NFT-Stake?

NFT-Stake is a document that serves as proof of the amount you will have at the end of the term for a certain amount of tokens/coins that investors wish to stake for longer periods of time. It is a system that will work like the De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) version of the bond that is familiar from Ce-Fi (Centralized Finance) systems. What Bixos aims with this technology is to facilitate the UBXS (Utility Bixos Token) - BXS (Bixos Governance Token) swap and assure investors that swap will be performed without any problems.

What is BXS Token?

BXS Token is the governance token of the Bixos DAO LLC. This token will act as a share and investors will have as many voting rights in the DAO as their BXS Token. All decisions to be taken in the DAO to be established will be decided by voting. So more BXS means more rights in DAO. Bixos DAO LLC will be responsible for the legal dimension of the process.

Why should I create an NFT-Stake?

NFT-Stake holders will be able to get up to 4 to 1 BXS. When BXS is released, it will be a more expensive token than UBXS. Therefore, investors will be getting profit in the UBXS-BXS swaps they will make with their NFT-Stake. It will be more expensive if BXS is bought without conversion.

Is it possible to sell NFT-Stakes?

Yes. Investors can sell NFT-Stakes if they wish. If they sell, the BXS they will receive for your stake will go to the person they sold their NFT-Stake to. Whether they keep NFT-Stake or sell it; NFT-Stake holders, whose investment has expired and who want to receive their BXS, will be able to receive their payments by transmitting these NFT-Stakes to the company with the relevant smart contract over the blockchain. In other words, the owner of NFT-Stake becomes the owner of the investment. In this conversion that they do easily and safely thanks to NFT-Stake technology, their UBXS Tokens are burned. At the end of the period, the owner of the NFT-Stake can receive their BXS in the prescribed amount.

Is it possible to send NFT-Stakes?

Yes. Investors can transfer their NFT-Stakes from their own wallet address to another address they specify, without the need for a sale.

What is the contract address?


What is the contract standard?


How can I import my NFT to Metamask?

Open the NFT tab in Metamask.

Paste 0x37E3309022d248C5877e20DF751993F12caFf28e into the address field. You can complete the process by entering your NFT ID in the ID field.

The image doesn't show up/looks wrong in Metamask.

As of April 2022, since the NFT service of Metamask is still very new, it is possible to encounter system errors from time to time. Sometime after facing this problem, you can click on the "Refresh metadata" option by holding down your NFT.

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