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Tokenomics of UBXS Token (Utility Bixos Token)

Total supply: 100.000.000 UBXS Seed sale price: $0.07 USD
Seed Sale: 10% unlocked before listing, vesting at 15% monthly over 6 months. Company Reserve: 20% unlocked before listing, vesting at 4% monthly over 20 months. Team: Cliff for 3 months, vesting at 4% monthly over 25 months Advisors : 10% unlocked before listing, vesting 7.5% monthly over 12 months Marketing : 10% unlocked before listing, vesting 10% monthly over 9 months Liquidity : Unlocked Reserve : Locked, vesting at 2.77% monthly over 36 months
With NFT-Bonds, which will be a new technology we have developed to buy BXS Tokens with UBXS Token, investors will irreversibly transform their UBXS into these specially created NFT-Bonds. These NFT-Bonds will not convert to BXS for 6 months to 12 months. It will provide one-to-one for 6 months, one to four for 12 months, and enough BXS to provide a linear amount of return in the intervals in between. Investors can sell these NFT-Bonds or transfer them between wallets. NFT-Bond / BXS conversion will burn these NFT-Bonds. UBXS tokens used for receiving NFT-Bonds will be burned. The BXS (Governance) Token to be released to the market will be the shares of the DAO-LLC Company. This means that the people who own these shares will be shareholders. And dividends (company profit) will be distributed to the shareholders as much as their current token percentage. The company profit is obtained from the requested prices during real estate ownership (Deed) - in NFT conversions, Mediation of Deed-NFT conversion, NFT/Wallet Insurance, Deed-NFT verification and other fees requested for inheritance protection. (In BXS Token Whitepaper process will be explained in detail.) For sure, this is valid for holders over a certain percentage (1.5% ~ 2%). The use of UBXS Token will keep the UBXS ecosystem alive by offering discounts on the payments of the items mentioned above. Apart from this, UBXS burn events will be organized to add excitement to the community and increase community activity on social media soon.
UBXS-BXS Swap Formula
**** **** R_max: Maximum reward R_min: Minimum reward T_min: Minimum amount of time period T_max: Maximum amount of time period t: The amount of time
Our Wallet Addresses:
Company Reserve: 0x872f7DEB0bCA066416C327Dd3A66BF724c949fCd Team: 0x9c2f1689fe1BB5a94A04c8953932383892e788Ef Marketing: 0x84CAD8268081e13507FC1278c1e0c21FCA131F55 Advisors: 0xD4d8A7C2E442ddb59BE6B7877ceA23250678DBBD Reserve: 0xd11efA3ebF98b5832fF6E2ecBdc2C21b862009B5 Liquidity: 0x70D4CA910EA026034f5E224b9676Fb759E062631