NFT-Stake Introduction

NFT-Stake is a document that serves as proof of the amount you will have at the end of the term for a certain amount of tokens/coins that investors wish to stake for longer periods of time. It is a system that will work like the De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) version of the bond that is familiar from Ce-Fi (Centralized Finance) systems. What Bixos aims with this technology is to facilitate the UBXS (Utility Bixos Token) - BXS (Bixos Governance Token) swap and to give more trust to investors.

After staking your UBXS Tokens released to the market by the company via to the system, an NFT-Stake is created for the BXS that you will receive when the time expires, depending on the UBXS amount and stake duration, and you can sell this NFT-Stake if you wish. If you sell, the BXS you will receive for your stake will go to the person you sold your NFT-Stake to. Whether you keep NFT-Stake or sell it; NFT-Stake holders, whose investment has expired and who want to receive their BXS, will be able to receive their payments by transmitting these NFT-Stakes to the company with the relevant smart contract over the blockchain. In other words, the owner of NFT-Stake becomes the owner of the investment. In this conversion that you do easily and safely thanks to NFT-Stake technology, your UBXS Tokens are burned. At the end of the period, you can receive your BXS in the prescribed amount.\

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