Bixos Projects

Details of the Project

The UBXS Token (Utility Bixos Token) was created with the purpose of uniting the physical world and the virtual world, such as metaverse, by melting in the same pot of the real estate market which has a market volume of 10.5 trillion dollars and Blockchain, Web 3.0, Metaverse, NFT technologies. Bixos sees that the projects on this subject in the world are still very new. The company is willing to be pioneer in these projects and offers the opportunity to become an early investor with the UBXS Token (Utility Bixos Token) to the investors in the world. The BXS Token (Bixos Governance Token) is planned to be used as the currency of this ecosystem.
Real Estate - NFT
As it is known, with NFT technology, ownership of tangible products is possible in a way that can be verified with blockchain infrastructure. Within this scope, documents indicating ownership such as title deeds, licenses, certificates can be kept and transferred more securely with NFT technology. With the infrastructure to be created by Bixos company, real estate deeds will be added to the blockchain world as NFT.
Insurance and Security
With the infrastructure to be created, investors’ assets will be under maximum protection with the double encryption system, by adding the approval mechanism (lawyer approval or a second approval) to your NFT transfers. Annual payments will be made with The BXS Token (Bixos Governance Token).
Governance and Formality
Management will be created with a completely decentralized DAO system, official documents will be kept on the DAO LLC company, and records will be kept with blockchain technology in the NFT world. With this method, investors and users will be able to benefit from infrastructure without having any trust issues. At the same time, The BXS Token (Bixos Governance Token) stakers will be provided with the opportunity to become a shareholder of the company.